Jackpot games come in a variety of formats, so there is always something new and exciting to try. To help broaden your gambling horizons, we have put together this list to inspire jackpot fans in their search for a golden payout.


Types of jackpot games

While not an exhaustive list, the jackpot games mentioned here are tried and true and produce consistent results.

Slots: Open up the Jackpot section at any online casino, and you will find that most of them are slots. Slots provide the vehicle for numerous fixed jackpots as well as the hugest progressive jackpots to be had at online Jackpot Casinos. They’re also a ton of fun!

Blackjack: There are two main ways of hitting the big time with blackjack – tournaments and progressive jackpots. If you consider yourself a bit of a blackjack shark, you can pit your skills against other players in tournaments for big prizes. If not, you can also change it with progressive jackpots where an extra bet goes into the pot during each hand.

Poker: Poker sits in the same category as blackjack with tournaments and progressive jackpots the key pathways to glory. Jackpot Casinos may hold competitions themselves or act as satellites for enormous regional and national meets. There, the sharpest poker players in town do battle for outrageous purses.

Roulette: Normal Roulette will give your odds of 35/1 which is good, but not great. For a better payday, look for Jackpot Roulette. These versions of Roulette up the ante by paying out when numbers land in consecutive order. Obviously, these are harder to win but can result in payouts in the hundreds of thousands!

Lotto: The lottery is one of the most popular, and most mainstream forms of gambling there is. We all know the odds are enormous, but that doesn’t stop millions of us having a flutter each week and buying a ticket. Despite the astronomical luck needed to win, even this slight chance is worth the punt. The rewards if your numbers come in are well worth the punt.

As you can see, jackpots can be found on and offline with a variety of game types. If you are on the hunt for some of the best jackpots on the web, then do yourself a favour and take a look at VIP Jackpots. This handy website provides links to the best online casino deals to can win some epic jackpots. If you’re hunting for casino jackpots, this is the site.

Jackpot games

The most popular games with Jackpots

The most popular games with Jackpots by a long shot are slots. Progressive jackpots provide the mechanism for millions of players to feed the prize pool as they spin in hopes of being the lucky one. The most popular happen to be those with the biggest prizes, such as:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Mega Moolah Isis
  • Hall of Gods
  • Gladiator
  • Mega Fortune

Each one of the slots on this list has produced multiple millionaires. As such, they continue to have a powerful hold on the imaginations of gamblers everywhere.