To win a Jackpot you might think that all you can do is spin and cross your fingers. That winning these colossal prizes is completely down to luck. To some degree, this is true; we can’t alter the RNGs and the outcome of games. However, there are steps you can take to help land the big ones. We are talking here of Jackpot Bonuses. Bonuses do not require any complicated betting strategies or any specific approach at all. Opt-in and try your luck, and they can pay off massively! Players have won millions from progressive jackpots using bonus spins, so they are well worth it!

jackpot bonuses

What are Casino Jackpots? 

Most online casinos split their games into different categories, and ‘Jackpots’ is usually one of them. The casino will bring together the games in its collection that have the highest payout potential. This makes life easier if you are looking for the most lucrative prizes because you can go straight to this category. There are two main jackpot types –

  • Fixed Jackpots – these games have a huge prize that stays the same no matter how many people play it, or how much money goes into it.
  • Progressive Jackpots – When you place a wager on these games, a percentage of the bet syphons off and feeds the Jackpot. It gets larger and larger until someone wins it. The Biggest Progressive Jackpots are connected to networks of thousands of players. You can see where this leads – to humungous jackpots! These kingpins of the jackpot world regularly run into multi-millions in prizes.


What are the Jackpot Bonuses?

jackpot bonusesPut simply, a Jackpot Bonus is a giveaway from a casino which a player can use on a Jackpot Game. The giveaway can come in the form of bonus cash, or more often, free spins. An example will make this crystal clear.

Let’s say casino ‘X’ gives new players twenty free spins that they can use with their flagship Jackpot game. That new player then has an additional twenty chances for hitting the big time and having a new favourite casino. Some real-life examples include:

  • Yukon Gold Casino gives players 125 free spins on Mega Moolah for depositing just CAD$10.
  • Live Casino Hotel gives players the chance to enter a progressive Jackpot that maxes out at CAD$25,000 and must be won.
  • Leo Vegas has an extensive Jackpot Games category with a mega Welcome Bonus to help win.

With so many Jackpot Bonuses floating around it pays to use a site like Jackpots VIP. Cut through the chaff to find the diamond offers out there. For serious Jackpot Hunters, VIP Jackpots is a must.


Jackpot Bonuses combine two of the greatest aspects of online gambling – jackpots + bonuses. What more could anyone ask for? Take advantage of these excellent offers and get more chances to strike it lucky. With jackpots these days blowing the rood off and cracking 7 or 8 figures, there has never been a better time to join in the fun!